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The Guide to the PE Diet

The PE Diet is the diet popuarized by Dr. Ted Naiman, MD, in his 2018 book titled The P:E Diet. The PE Diet may offer many health benefits, including benefits against type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. When used along with appropriate exercise, the PE Diet can aid in improving body composition, helping to lose excess body fat while building or maintaining muscle.

What is the PE Diet?

The focus of the PE Diet is to achieve a high level of satiety per calorie, which means your food choices should provide the maximum amount of nutrients and satiety (feeling full and satisfied) while minimizing the calories, or energy, you consume.

The Protein to Energy Ratio

The PE Diet classifies the macronutrients you eat into two categories: Protein and Energy. In this case, energy refers to non-protein energy, or the amount of carbohydrates and fat eaten. The goal is to be aware of the ratio of protein to energy you consume, and to gradually increase this ratio.

The protein to energy ratio of a food is calculated by dividing the grams of protein by the combined amount of carbohydrate and fats grams.

PE Ratio = Protein / (Net Carbs + Fat)

Note: Net carbs are total carbs subtracted by fiber.

You can also use a tool such as The PE Diet Calculator to help you calculate the P:E Ratio of a food.